Born at Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris in 2010, Rhum & Clay is led by artistic directors Julian Spooner and Matthew Wells.

Our passion is to find and tell stories that challenge us, make us look at the world differently, laugh at ourselves, confront our fears, sometimes stop ourselves in our tracks. We look for truth, humanity and humour in unlikely places. And then hold them up to the light. Our theatre productions are cinematic in the telling- they play with overlapping narratives, with flashbacks and montages that cumulatively create beautiful, visually textured on-stage worlds.

Everything that Rhum and Clay produces is developed collaboratively with a shifting group of stimulating, difficult, funny and ridiculously talented theatre makers. Everyone involved shares a fierce curiosity, a generosity of spirit and a commitment to a visual and physical performance style that reflects and evolves with the tale being told but always remains energetic, passionate and risk-taking.

We love that Rhum and Clay audiences are willing to share that risk with us, to be provoked or surprised as well as entertained.

We are associate ensembles of New Diorama Theatre & Redbridge Drama Centre.

"Rhum and Clay have come of age"
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian